21 Days to Forever

Transform Your Life and Live Your Dreams

This book was written with two main goals in mind. The first goal is based on the ideology that we are all connected as one humanity and are therefore part of a unified life source. People may follow different religions or belief systems but, despite these differences, there is a message and path that is common to all. At the beginning of each chapter, there are quotes from scriptures or religious leaders related to seven of the great religions of the world. This is followed by an affirmation that is not a quote from scriptures but carries a message that is common to the previous quotes. The idea of this is to promote the togetherness of all humanity by implying that the message brought by the great spiritual leaders has an underlying common theme that is applicable to everyone regardless of race, creed, culture, or religious belief.

The second goal is to create a practical guide that can help you find lasting happiness and peace. This can be related to health, finances, relationships, spirituality or any aspect of life that you may be struggling with. The book consists of 21 chapters but you must read it in a certain way. Each chapter corresponds to one day and you should read only one chapter a day. Following the reading of the chapter, you are encouraged to go on the website, 21daystoforever.com, and download and print out the 10 most relevant points for that chapter and review and implement these points throughout that specific day. This is repeated each day and each subsequent day builds on what was learned previously as you go through the 21 chapters (21 days). At the end of 21 days, you should reflect back on how you feel. If you notice an improvement in your happiness and positivity levels, it will enhance your belief that the concepts taught in the book are effective with regards to improving your life. This will subsequently reinforce faith and confidence for you to continue on the path taught by the concepts in the book.

This in turn will also further motivate you to join our “21 days to forever” membership group as this membership is full of individuals who are encouraging each other to enjoy life to the fullest, reach new heights of success, and to achieve their ultimate life goals. We work together so that all our members can realize their greatest aspirations with regards to peace and happiness as it relates to medical health, natural health, spiritual health and financial well being. As you read through the book, you will have full access to the website, 21daystoforever.com where you can register to attend our free webinar on the 21st day of every month, reinforcing all the concepts outlined in the book.

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About the Author

Dr. Zoberi has spent his entire career helping people with their vision as well as connecting them to a holistic health care network. He has developed a passion to not only help people with their physical eyes and vision, but also to guide them to find their spiritual “inner vision”, and has now made it his life’s purpose to show people that they can use this “inner vision” to connect with the light of God. By connecting with this light, they can subsequently use it to illuminate a direct path to peace and happiness in all dimensions of their world, including medical, natural, spiritual, and financial.

21 Days to Forever

Transform Your Life and Live Your Dreams

Chapter 1 “Understanding and Finding God”

Realize that the light of God is inside you and is loving you at all times.

Chapter 2 “Appreciation, Thankfulness, and Gratitude”

Living in a state of gratitude lights up the light of God inside.

Chapter 3 “Defining Your Life’s Dream and Purpose”

Take a step back to create your dream life by defining what it is.

Chapter 4 “Thoughts and Visualization”

Visualize the elements of your dream life and direct your thoughts towards this.

Chapter 5 “Intent and Emotion”

Feel the emotion of elements of your dream life fulfilled.

Chapter 6 “Presence and Energy”

Live in the identity of your dream life now and reflect this identity to the outside world.

Chapter 7 “The Golden Rule and Honesty”

In all dealings do onto others as you would have others do onto you.

Chapter 8 “Replace Fear With Faith”

Live in faith that God inside you will fulfill the life of your dreams if you eliminate fear and doubt.

Chapter 9 “Replace Hate With Love”

God gives unconditional love and reflect unconditional love to all life.

Chapter 10 “Accepting Contrast: When Things Go Wrong”

Accept the negative as a guidance and a step back that will take you to higher levels.

Chapter 11 “Food and Nutrition”

Balance out food and nutrition so your physical body is nourished and connect this to spiritual nourishment.

Chapter 12 “Natural Health, Exercise, and Hygiene”

Take care of your physical body and connect this to your internal spiritual happiness.

Chapter 13 “Sleep”

Give importance to sleep and to gratitude and visualization just before falling asleep.

Chapter 14 “Education and Purpose”

Make sure that you pick a career and profession that you are passionate about and follow this educational path.

Chapter 15 “Prayer, Meditation, and Transcendence”

Incorporate prayer and meditation three times a day and use the night meditation as a path towards transcendence.

Chapter 16 “Alignment and Self”

Align the light of God within you through your thoughts and emotions to the life of your dreams bringing you happiness in the present moment.

Chapter 17 “Parents”

Reflect love and respect with your interactions with parents.

Chapter 18 “Spouses and Soulmates”

Love God inside you first and reflect this primary relationship outwards by giving unconditional love to your spouse.

Chapter 19 “Children”

Provide love, attention, and education to children and reinforce your beliefs and concepts.

Chapter 20 “Service to Humanity, Charity, and Giving”

Be strong in living in your passion as a service to humanity and then use this strength to uplift others.

Chapter 21 “Abundance, Joy, and Manifestation – Heaven on Earth”

Appreciate abundance in all aspects of your life and use the night time abundance meditation to elevate yourself to living the life of your dreams.

21 Days to Forever

Transform Your Life and Live Your Dreams

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