“There are many great teachers and resources that promote the benefits of meditation in order to connect to our source of joy and peace. As a ThetaHealing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Instructor, I have dedicated my life’s work to guide people to this path. Dr. Zoberi was one of my clients and I am extremely excited to see that not only has he applied this concept in his own life, but he has created a practical guide in the book “21 Days to Forever”, that demonstrates to people how to maintain this state of mindfulness and spirituality with regularity in their daily activities in order to fully transform their life experience.”

- Ainsley Magno, Owner of Holy Shiva Yoga and the Bodhi Tree Wellness Collective

“Dr. Zoberi’s life passion is to help people find their intrinsic internal spirituality while connecting this to the natural and nutritional health of their body and mind. As a registered holistic nutritionist and osteopathic practitioner, I share this passion. I am thrilled that the book, 21 Days to Forever, can now bring this message to so many people and guide them on how to implement these principles and transform their lives.”

- Hanna Ormanczyk, PhD, DNM, DOMP, IMP, RNT

Nutritionist at Biomedicine Holistic Healing Clinic

“In the modern day world where people tend to be generally divided between those who are dedicated to medicine and medical health and those who believe in the power of spirituality and natural healing, it is refreshing to see such a unique transformational approach that cohesively integrates all these three components of wellness in one practical guide with the goal of improving lives.”

- Dr. Mireille Attalla, MD

General Physician - Dixie Medical Associates

“So many people struggle in today’s world due to financial stress. I am a firm believer that one’s financial state is a result of their own belief system that they may have learnt from others with regards to abundance, wealth, and financial freedom. Dr. Zoberi transformed his own life by changing this belief system and in his book, 21 Days To Forever, he has provided a practical guide to show others how to reconnect with their internal spirituality in order to live their purpose and get back on the path of living their dreams. I highly recommend this book to anybody who might be struggling and feel stuck in a cycle of financial anxiety.”

- Iqbal Singh Saini, Senior Marketing Director – World Financial Group

21 Days to Forever

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